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 •  Head of President's Administration
 •  Chairman of the Peoples' Khural
 •  Chairman of the Government
 •  State Authorities

President of Republic of Kalmykia

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
President of Republic of Kalmykia, FIDE President

Born: April 5, 1962
Ethnic background: Kalmyk
Education: graduated from Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations

Degrees and titles:
- Honored Academician of Interregional Science of Science Academy of Russian Federation
- Honored Doctor of Nation Academy of Applied Sciences of Russian Federation
- Full Member of Russian Social Sciences Academy
- Full Member of New York Academy of Sciences

- Gold Medal of Peace for Humanitarian Activities
- Medal "300 Years of Russian Navy"
- F. Plevako Gold Medal
- Order of Friendship
- Order of St. Nicolas
- Order of Dignity - St. George with sword
- Triumphal Crown of the National Academy of Applied Sciences
- Honored Citizen of Elista

- Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Russian Federative Republic,
- Member of the Federation Council of Russian Federation,
- Honored Deputy of Elista Municipal Board,
- President of Russian Chamber of Entrepreneur

Career history:
1979-1980 - Mechanic-fitter at Zvezda plant, Elista
1980-1982 - Military Service
1982-1983 - Mechanic at Zvezda plant, Elista
1983-1989 - Student at Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations
1989-1990 - Manager of Soviet-Japanese Company "Liko-Raduga", Moscow
1990-1993 - President of SAN Corporation, Moscow
April 1993 - President of the Republic of Kalmykia
November 1995 - President of World Chess Federation (FIDE)